Medical exercise and digital rehabilitation

Vitala is a digital service that allows healthcare providers to prescribe diagnosis-specific physical activity and more easily accessible rehabilitation for patients with chronic health conditions.

Always in an easy, efficient and patient-safe way.
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Created by doctors
and physiotherapists
MDR class 1 medical device
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Always with a patient-centric focus

Medical exercise and rehabilitation tailored to the patient's unique health conditions

Vitala offers long-term, individually tailored exercise programs to improve strength, endurance, fitness, and balance.

The future's healthcare features, available today.

Diagnosis-specific exercise generator

Create daily workouts tailored to functional ability, medical diagnoses, daily form, and personal goals.

Daily reminders

Monitor the progress

The patient and healthcare provider can both follow the patient's progress through remote therapeutic monitoring.

Functional Movement Analysis

MSK pains shouldn't stand in the way of physical activity! Vitala's movement analysis creates rehabilitation programs for chronic pain in the neck, shoulder, lower back, hip, and knee.

More features coming soon

What do our users say?

There's a big variation of exercises that are personalized to me and my body which makes working out fun again!
I have tried to become active for a long time, but I never knew how. Until I found Vitala!
I feel 20 years younger! I strongly recommend Vitala!
The rehabilitation program is magical! My back pain was completely gone after only using the app for a week
Vitala has become an obvious choice for me now. I never thought I'd be able to workout everyday but I feel stronger than ever!
Less pain and better mobility. Thank you Vitala!