Empowering healthcare to improve patient wellbeing through Medical Exercise.

Vitala is a digital therapeutic platform for the prescription, monitoring, and management of diagnosis-specific medical exercise.
Created by doctors
and physiotherapists
CE-marked MDR
class 1 medical device

“Improved Patient Outcomes and Reduced Costs"

Our mission is to improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs. It's a win-win-win for patients, healthcare providers, and society as a whole.
- Petter Aasa, CEO

Healthcare is undergoing
a paradigm shift

The prevalence of chronic health conditions are on a rise
65% of healthcare leaders identified "facilitating a shift to virtual or remote" care as their top priority
Digital solutions are needed to meet  increasing demand
Government organizations are promoting the use of devices for prescribing and monitoring proactive medical exercise.
More resources invested in preventive health efforts with a focus on lifestyle habits
Focus shifting to proactive, value-based  treatment

Working with preventive
care is easy with Vitala


digital therapeutics

Medical exercise
Long-term, diagnosis-specific exercises tailored to the patient's medical diagnoses, functional ability, MSK pains, energy levels, and personal goals.
Movement health
Unique movement analyses with muscle strengthening and balance-enhanced rehabilitation programs.
Healthcare professionals can easily prescribe and monitor a patient's well-being and development in real-time in the Vitala Care Portal.

Vitala Care Portal

The Vitala Care Portal enables the provider to prescribe and monitor diagnosis-specific medical exercise and work with value-based care
Convenient patient meetings
Effective and accommodating treatment
Easy to prescribe diagnosis-specific exercise
A tool for better care
Less administrative work
Enables home-exercise treatment
Designed to work proactively
Does not require prior experience with diagnosis-specific exercise

Become part of the
proactive care of the future

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