A vital prescription

Vitala enables healthcare providers to prescribe medical exercise and digital rehabilitation as easily as any other form of medication.
With Vitala, healthcare providers can easily prescribe physical activity for disease prevention and treamtent without having to create the exercise- and rehabilitation plans themselves.

Vitala's features are evidence-based, efficient, and patient-safe.

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The mobile application consists of  three main features:

(1) Medical exercise generator
(2) Rehabilitation for MSK pains
(3) Monitoring of physical activity and other important health parameters.
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Diagnosis-specificexercise generator

The patient fills out his daily form before each workout so that the intensity of the workout can match his energy levels. That way, the patient can remain physically active even during days he feels tired or less motivated.

As the continuity of physical activity is extremely important, the intensity of the workouts are based on the patient's energy levels and personal requests.
Medicinsk träningsgenerator Vitala

Personal rehabilitation programs for MSK pains

Vitala's functional movement analysis recommends specific rehabilitation exercises that activates and strengthens important muscles to improve the patient's movement patterns and reduce pain. The rehabilitation programs are 3 weeks long and the patient receives new exercises each week.
Created by doctors and physiotherapists

Follow along thepatient journey

The patient and healthcare provider can both monitor important health parameters in order to track the patient's health and improvements.
Vitala Monitoring Module

More features coming soon