Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (US Only)

The Vitala Solution

Conveniently & effectively prescribe and manage physical exercise to improve patients’ long-term health while generating additional revenue.
Prescribe and monitor diagnosis-specific medical exercise
Manage individualized prescriptions and remotely support your patients
Automatically track and document for RTM reimbursement
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HIPAA Compliant
FDA Registered
Created by Doctors and Physiotherapists

What is Remote
Therapeutic Monitoring?

In 2022, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released the Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) reimbursement codes.

RTM codes are designed for treatment scenarios where physicians and non-physician healthcare professionals remotely monitor treatment related to the MSK system via a medical device, such as Vitala.
By integrating Vitala into your workflow, your clinic can make an additional
$ per patient, per month

What are the RTM CPT codes?

* exact amounts depend on geographic region
** RTM codes are currently recognized by traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans, but it won’t be long before commercial payers follow suit.

How can providers use RTM to improve patient outcomes and capitalize on available reiumbursements?

For the Patient
Individualized and effective training, progress tracking, instant support from provider - all in the Vitala app
Treatment that conforms to equipment, changing daily form, and time constraints
Diagnosis-specific exercise for long-term habits and increase in physical activity
Easily track progress and report condition to follow improvement over time
Quick and accessible communication and support from caregiver
For Healthcare Providers
Better patient outcomes, convenient monitoring and treatment mangement, RTM elibility tracking and documentation - all in the Vitala Care Portal
Conveniently invite and prescribe medical exercise to patients
Follow patients’ adherence to their prescribed training and make adjustments
Easily communicate with and support patients throughout their treatment
Automatically track, document, and bill for RTM reimbursement from CMS
Per Care Episode
20 USD
Initial Set-Up
Patient is prescribed treatment, downloads and accesses training prescription through Vitala
Per Month
55+50 USD
Treatment and Monitoring
Patient completes regular training. Vitala gathers at least 16 days data
+ Provider monitors and communicates with patient for a total of 20 minutes
35 USD
Additional Monitoring
Provider spends an additional 20 minutes monitoring and communicating with patient
Vitala CarePortal
tracks and documents RTM code eligiblity
Patient Data Log
Provider Monitoring Log
Message and Call Feature
Automatically generates billing documentation

RTM in action at your clinic with Vitala

Integrate Vitala into your clinic’s existing workflow to extend your ability to prescribe and monitor treatment, while continuing to communicate and build the rapport with patients both in the clinic and remotely.
Provider diagnoses patient and inputs patient’s relevant physical limitations into Vitala’s Care Portal.
Prescribe and Manage Treatment
Provider creates a diagnosis-specific medical exercise prescription based on their frequency and intensity recommendation for patient’s long-term physical health.
Monitor and Support Patient
Provider manages the patient’s progress and response to treatment and supports patient through the Vitala Care Portal.
Bill RTM
Provider bills up to $160 in additional revenue from RTM reimbursement per patient, per month
Continue treating your patients after, in place of, or in parallel with your initial treatment

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HIPAA Compliant
FDA Registered
Created by Doctors and Physiotherapists